Grigori Dor

In 1990 Grigori Dor came from Ulan-Ude, Russia to Berlin after being granted a DAAD-stipend. Aside from a stay in New York City in 1997 he ever since has been living and working in Berlin.

Abundant arrangements of flowers and natural motifs, shiny plastic parts, snippets of images from glossy magazines and rudimentary remains of industrial products – these are some of the sensual, sometimes sinister and morbid components in the paintings of Grigori Dor. He links to the tradition of still lifes with his very own approach by applying a neo-baroque form language as well as a painterly differentiation of textures, composing objets trouvés and organic items in a new type of arrangement. Transitioning the tradition of the vanitas painting into present-day, the motifs in the artworks of Dor connect beauty with inevitable evanescence.